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Our clients own and run business that many started from scratch. Each client deserves media designs that reflects that pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit. Strong design starts with understanding our clients, their needs, and their customers.


Informed, elegant design- that's what separates our unique designs from prefabricated, "website in a night" templates. Proven design methodologies guide your project through this phase - each project design is approved before going into development.

Build & Optimize

Descant Media produces dynamic, scalable, data-driven websites. To maintain compatibility on a variety of devices, Descant creates 'light-weight' code that loads quickly, and maintains the highest level of function.. All projects are "cross-platform" tested to insure functionality on a variety of devices.

Track & Tweak

Once a website is launched Descant Media continues to monitor the website and traffic levels. Based on real-time data we may suggest tweaks, changes, or updates that optimize the performance of your site.

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we use Google Analytics
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Sample Web Development Projects


Logo Design • Database Structure • Responsive Design • Social Media

IceCodeBeer is an on-line craft beer database used by bars, restaurants, stores and events to deliver dynamic beer menus. Beer lists are available through IceCodeBeer as QR Codes, NFC Tags, Printed lists, or via an API to client websites.

IceCodeBeer is an internal Descant Media project. It is the only non-commissioned project that Descant Media currently has.

Be You Medicina Estética, Panama City Panama

Logo Design • Responsive Design • Social Media Integration • SEO • Spanish & English

AgeWell Physical Therapy, Delray Beach, Florida

Photography and Video Production • Social Media Integration • SEO

Cassidy's Irish Pub, New York City

Responsive Design • Social Media Integration • SEO

Frontrunner Network Systems, Western New York

Responsive Design • Social Media Integration • SEO

Punch Restaurant, New York City

Food Photography • Responsive Design• Social Media Integration • SEO